Social Media Marketing

2Bridge was founded (long before the advent of social media) to help companies harness word-of-mouth communications -- the most effective way to find new customers.

Today you have access to a massive toolbox of social media tactics you can use to supercharge word-of-mouth marketing by generating online conversations about your brand.

Social media marketing campaigns require a lot of fresh content to be successful. We use our strategic positioning process to capture fresh messages and authentic stories to produce a more meaningful narrative about your company. Our content specialists take the time to pinpoint the deeply held core values that power your business. We tap into these core values to create original content that people want to discuss and share.

Press releases, blog posts, interviews, white papers, videos, testimonials, customer success stories – all of these tools are at our disposal to attract visitors and keep them on your website.

Your narrative is enhanced with relevant curated content that adds depth and engages communities of evangelists to extol the virtues of your brand.

It’s the complete package—strategy, core values, real language, original stories, carefully curated content, and a community of co-contributing evangelists—all the pieces working together that results in brand awareness.

2Bridge Social Media Marketing & Word-of-Mouth Strategies include: 

  • Message development
  • Content generation
  • Community development
  • Conversation monitoring
  • Social media measurement
  • Thought leadership
  • Influencer outreach
  • Channel coordination and management
  • Customer engagement and feedback
  • Word-of-mouth marketing

Ken Stram


Ken Stram is the founder of 2Bridge Communications. He teaches people and organizations how to communicate better.