Communication Training

For the individual, communications skills training builds confidence, identifies and reinforces strengths, and teaches good habits while eliminating habits that interfere with authentic audience connection. For the company, improving communications skills can reinforce brand identity, strengthen reputation, increase word of mouth, and generate new business opportunities.

We offer a range of group and individual training services so you and your employees are better equipped to communicate with confidence in any situation. 

  • Presentations skills training helps you gain confidence speaking before an audience and familiarizes you with the messages, stories, and statistics you can use to make an authentic connection. We use interactive exercises that begin transforming your habits right away.
  • Social Media training helps you master the skills you need to excel on any or all of the major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, e-newsletter, etc.).
  • Public Relations training helps you understand the strategic importance of PR and teaches you how to identify and pursue new opportunities. We can also provide one-on-one training and mentoring to the members of your marketing department to help them master PR so that we come across as a seamless, unified team when working with reporters.
  • Media training gives you the confidence you need to speak to reporters on the phone or on camera. You’ll learn technical tips that will help you stay on message and gain the reporter’s trust while illustrating your leadership and authority.
  • Tailored trainings are also available depending on your company’s unique situation.

Ken Stram


Ken Stram is the founder of 2Bridge Communications. He teaches people and organizations how to communicate better.