Strategic Positioning & Message Development

The 2Bridge approach to writing and telling your story eliminates the barriers between you and your target market and stimulates word –of-mouth and online conversations about your brand.


Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a wonderful tool to demonstrate a company’s competence in the marketplace. You can use it to sway opinions, build legitimacy, energize sales, and stimulate word-of-mouth communications about your company. 

Social Media Marketing

You want excitement and clarity. People saying witty things on social media, or talking to their friends at parties and networking events.  At 2Bridge, we do social media that will inspire engagement and generate enthusiastic, real-life and online conversations about your brand.

Communication & Marketing Plans

Successful marketing requires reaching your target clients at the moments when they are open to being swayed by your message. It requires a steady, planned drumbeat of activity that draws the client into an ever-deeper relationship with your company. 

Communication Training

Marketing, public relations, and social media are complicated disciplines that don’t come naturally to most people. The idea of talking to a reporter can induce panic for even the most confident speaker. We understand this, which is why we deliver a range of courses, workshops, and one-on-one training services to develop your skills and eliminate barriers between you and your audience.

Ken Stram


Ken Stram is the founder of 2Bridge Communications. He teaches people and organizations how to communicate better.