What solutions does your business provide for its customers?

Now that you’ve described the problem your business solves for its customers, you get to describe (in bullets, remember) the solutions your business brings to the marketplace.

Focus first on what you are selling—what people actually pay you money for. Are you a product-selling business, or are you a service business?  (Or, you may be a hybrid/combination of the two.)

Then, think about some of the extras. Do you deliver? Do you make house calls? Do you offer training as part of the package? Do you consider your blog to be a service? Do you have a variety of inbound marketing strategies that can be considered services?

Once you’ve listed your services, prioritize them. (If your list seems too long, don’t worry. At some point, you may want to lop off a few of the solutions at the bottom of the list, but this exercise is intended to help you get all of the information out of your head and written down on paper.)
What problem does your business solve for its clie...
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[...] are the services your business [...]

[...] are the services your business [...]
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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

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